Magazine For Isla Mujeres Charities

Photo by Tony Garcia

Boats of Isla Mujeres

"Balsero boats" bring Cuban refugees
by Noticicarbe

By Lynda Lock

By Lynda Lock. Fan blades as propeller

By TVIM Car motor inboard

The Desesperado ...Traveling thru...sailing along the Yucatan coast
By Eric Shott
From April 1949, the Turtle Transport ship, "Adams"  Photos posted on Recuerdos de Isla Mujeres by Temo Zurita and Humberto Moguel. Turtles were taken to Florida.

Sunset at the Marina By Ronda Winn-Roberts

In the 1870's, Alice le Plongeon described the local boats:
As for the islanders' boats, they constantly come 
and go ; some are exceedingly small. The fisher- 
men handle them most skillfully, one alone easily 
manages rudder and sail ; they frequently stand up- 
right in the smallest craft, apparently as much at 
ease as on land. To balance large boats they tie to 
the mast a rope with a long loop at the other end. 
In this a man sits as in a swing, his feet resting on 
the edge of the weather-side of the boat that is thus 
kept straight in a very strong wind, the man swing- 
ing himself backward over the water.
  LINK to a photo of a typical small boat, from several decades ago.

The brightly colored Magana ferry....

The Lety by Tony Garcia

Boats by Bruce Roberts...

 Mending nets.

The whale shark statue before it had a boat...

The Thor Heyerdahl, a sailing school from Germany, visits Isla Mujeres annually....
By Tony Garcia

By Ronda Winn Roberts

Sultana del Mar ferry

By Matilde Gomez Heredia  1991

When it was new & now that it is old

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