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 ~ Document by Ronda of MaraVilla Caribe B&B and In Isla Mujeres Daily News ~

Updated  9/9/2015 

 At Alaghom Naom, we dedicate ourselves to the scholastic growth and social betterment of the youth in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Our principle project is English language summer camps in the public primary schools. We also offer an ongoing English program, and community service projects throughout the school year which include organized team sports, arts & cultural activities, and presentations by other foundations on subjects such as how to protect the environment and why to care for street animals.  We also involve our students in integrated projects, such as Garden in the Classroom.
     Alaghom Naom provides all of these services and programs at absolutely no cost to its participants,  our application process is completely unbiased, and we make these opportunities available to all Isla Mujeres' youth without discrimination. The economy of Isla Mujeres is rooted in tourism, making English language education essential for both scholastic and vocational success.  We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to have quality employment in the community they call home.
     Ongoing projects include stocking libraries in all three of the primary school buildings on the island.
Wish List
  • Children’s English Books for primary school students 
  • Pens, Pencils, Markers, Crayons, Sticky tac
  • Coloring Books, Colored Paper, Other Art Supplies
  • Soccer balls, Baseballs, Basketballs and related equipment
  • Children’s goggles, Life Vests, Kick Boards
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Computer Paper 
  • Toner (TN-210 Black and Colors)
  • Projection screen
Drop Off Location
Leave books at Barlito's or Contact us at
Let us know how much time you would like to commit, and we can arrange for you to be a teacher's assistant and/or to read to the children during library hour. If you would like to teach the national English curriculum in the public school system, Alaghom Naom provides a 20 hour training session, which includes a letter of participation from the Secretary of Education. A donation is requested for this training, but not required, and the foundation accepts all qualified volunteers.  The third option is to book an all inclusive volunteer travel package through VolunQuest (


Amigos de Isla Contoy      
   This organization is active in Isla Mujeres, offering education about environmental issues in the .
community, in the schools, at the festivals, and at clean ups around the island. They are also involved with local recycling, The video below gives a good overview, and here are more details about their efforts and projects in Isla Mujeres
       In addition to environmental education and recycling, they have assisted wives and daughters of fishermen who expressed interest in starting a fisheries (aguaculture) project in Isla Mujeres. In 2011, the women started the cooperative Vision Mujer, coordinating with the Regional Center for Fisheries Research, and Amigos provided education. Link. 
       Friends of Isla Contoy are working with the government, the business community, and other organizations to promote sustainable tourism in this area, and to protect its natural resources, many of which are also tourist attractions. Their mission is to promote the conservation of Isla Contoy and natural areas of the Yucatan peninsula through the sustainable development of local communities. Link to video    
Contact them at


  • Conducts peer-to-peer HIV and safe sex workshops in Isla Mujeres (and elsewhere).
  • Distributes free condoms anonymously.
  • Offers free anonymous HIV testing for all persons
  •  Offers pre- and post-HIV test counseling.
  • Helps middle school and high school students and adults through our Education program 
  • Helps general local population and high risk groups through our HIV testing program.
  • Implements HIV/sex education curriculum in middle schools and high schools throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.   
  • Channels HIV positive people into the local HIV treatment programs and monitor their state of health.
  • Provides feedback to State and local health authorities through our involvement in the COESIDA – YUCATAN committee.
  • Helps local universities and organizations become more aware of the HIV issues facing the citizens of the Yucatan Peninsula. 
  •  Works with elected officials and their local, state, and federal agencies to implement community health fairs.
To volunteer at the next HIV testing event, contact Steven Broin at   Also, Fundación BAI A.C has a Volunteer Program that recruits undergraduate and graduate students from different parts of the United States and the World. Contact Dr. Carlos Cabrera at

Fundación BAI A.C. holds a variety of fundraisers in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico — dinners, wine tastings, Showcase of Homes, and small concerts.


This non-profit vet clinic has provided primary and specialist care to the pets, strays and wildlife of Isla Mujeres, since 2000. We work to provide low cost services while maintaining the highest possible quality of surgical, medical and nursing care. We aim to treat each and every animal as if they were our own. In addition to daily patients, the clinic focuses on the humane control of the stray animal population through low-cost and free spay and neuter programs.
    Our free spay and neuter program which runs 365 days a year. Any and all stray cats brought in to the clinic by volunteer trappers, local people and tourists will be spayed or neutered completely FREE OF CHARGE.    
        The program is a trap-spay-release program meaning that once spayed, the cats will be returned to the exact location where they were initially found. This is done as most cats on the island are feral and have quite specific territories. They can continue to live out their lives in a much healthier manner, fed by our volunteers, without contributing to the stray animal population.
      We’re happy to announce that construction has begun on phase one of the island’s first purpose built animal hospital!  Construction is going well and, in our constant effort to increase the range and quality of treatment available to our patients, it will include two modern consult/exam rooms, a well equipped surgical suite and in-house laboratory as well as housing for the clinic’s resident cats awaiting adoption.  Veterinary Hospital (13 photos/fb), FB Site
        Funding of the clinic is provided by a US non-profit called Helping Animals Living Overseas (HALO).  HALO was set up so that Americans who want to help the clinic can make donations that are tax-deductible. (The clinic is a Mexican non-profit, so people who pay taxes in Mexico can write off donations to the clinic on their Mexican taxes.) We are also raising funds to support the sterilization of homeless animals and for a "pet care assistance fund" which will provide financial assistance to families unable to afford care for their pets.
   The goal of the new clinic is to provide adequate space for the number of animals being seen, to incorporate improved holding space for recovering animals, and showcase animals available for adoption. The project will include equipment to expand existing capabilities, such as an x ray machine, and blood analyzer, and will include a sanctuary to showcase the "Clinic Cats" who are available for adoption. (They have been vaccinated and sterilized but were not returned to their original outdoor homes because of dangerous conditions.) 

Wish List
Sterile Gloves (7 1/2)
Syringes (Insulin, 3ml, 5ml)
Absorbable  sutures (0, 2-0, 3-0)
Tick treatments, etc.

Drop off Location
 Delifino's clinic in Salina Chica, main street, M-F 10a-2p & 5p-8p.  Contact: 

  Send an email to for info on volunteering. If you would like to adopt a kitty, they can help with the arrangements to take it home with you on the airplane. 

This is a project of  Josefina Rodriguez Martinez, of Casa Luz Spa, who feeds cats around the island and is involved with in Delfino's Spay and Neuter project. She set up a Facebook page and a Paypal account to provide an opportunity for cat lovers to donate money for cat food.
For cat food donations or volunteering opportunities, email her at,. Bags of cat food can be left in the basket behind the door of  Casa Luz Spa, downtown on the south end of Juarez Avenue, near La Lomita & Casa Havana restaurants, across from the Naval base.

  These three organizations work together to improve the lives of Isla Mujeres cats


The Red Cross is entirely dependent on donations.  They provide 24 hour ambulance service and paramedics for the island.
      From May 2012 to March 2013, the Red Cross offered assistance 312 times to 170 males and 140  females, of whom 75 were between 21 and 30 years old.
    The paramedics attended 26 injuries caused by vehicle accidents, and 24 false alarms. Of all services rendered, 19% were transports to to the mainland, 64% were for medical assistance, and 5%  were false alarms.
       They transferred 163 people to the mainland in critical condition or who required specialized attention of whom 86 were from the General Hospital., 39 were from the City, 16 were from the Navy, and 22 were from other agencies.
    Fundraising is done in March.
Wish List
blood pressure cuff
mylar sheet
paramedic scissors
ambu bag
cervical collar
gloves (medium)
 oxygen regulator
pulse oximeter
cardiac monitor
AED (defibrillator)
glucometers & strips
alcohol & iodine swabs
nasal cannula
berman and guedel cannulas
airway kits
portable VHF FM radio
Gallet Rescue helmet F-2 white

belt cutter 
 Drop Off Location
 Donations can be dropped of at Social Justicia restaurant, which is south of the ferry, and north of the vehicle ferry. Or contact Geovanny Avalos  or at  For monetary donations contact  The account at HSBC 04021784913, Cruz Roja Mexicana Iap.

Diabetes Group 
    We have been doing Diabetes Clinics on Isla Mujeres for six years, with more local residents participating annually.  In October 2014, approximately 150 Islanders attended our clinic, held at the Red Cross in La Gloria. We were able to distribute 130 meters and over 13,000 test strips, along with needed supplies such as lancets and syringes. This is a joint project of bilingual social workers, nurses, and other health care professionals originally from the USA, working with Isleno community partners.
       According to the Medical Director of the Salud Publica/Public Health on Isla Mujeres, diabetes is the biggest health concern on the island, with an incidence of ~45% of patients who have come to the clinic for health care. However, he feels that the actual rate of diabetes on the island is closer to 90% if the statistic were to include islanders who do not come into the clinic. He said there are major risk factors in the general population, including high incidence of hypertension and obesity. 
         The Salud Publica does not have glucose monitoring devices/meters available.. All blood testing is done intravenously. Very few people can afford blood glucose monitors or strips, and they wait until their annual medical exams to get tested. Because of the lack of supplies, people with diabetes often end up in the hospital with decompensated diabetes or other serious acute and chronic complications of the disease.
      At the clinics, people are interviewed and tested, and those with abnormal results are educated and advised. Some come in for screening, while many have already been diagnosed with diabetes and are on medications, but the many of patients are untreated.  
         Very few patients have access to expensive glucometers or strips, and that is the main emphasis of the clinics. Diabetics are educated about the disease and instructed how to use the meters, and how to contact us for more supplies.The next clinic will be in October 2015. Contact Karen Rosenberg at 
 Wish List
       We are in great need of donations of glucometers and strips, specifically these brands: Contour, Contour Next and OneTouch.  Many doctor's offices, clinics and hospitals discard strips that are almost expired.  Strips are actually still effective for at least a year after expiration dates so often those are the ones that are most often donated.  However, if you have any contact with medical professionals or pharmaceutical reps, you can often get current supplies. We can also use lancets, lancet devices, alcohol pads, and syringes.
Drop Off  Location
  Barlitos Restaurant at Marina Paraiso, or contact me at 
 Contact Karen Rosenberg at
 Monday, Sept. 21, 2015 9a Red Cross in La Gloria
Clinic for Diabetics
     If you know any interested islanders, please invite them to our annual Diabetes Clinic. Health professionals will be testing blood, offering diabetes education and distributing meters, strips & other supplies for people with Diabetes. This is completely free. For more info, or if you would like to volunteer, email me at

Isla Animals worked with and ultimately took over the project started by Amigos de los Animales in 2002. We are dedicated to decreasing the unwanted pet population on Isla Mujeres, Mexico through on-going spay/neuter programs, education, vaccinations and adoption.

Our Goals:

  • To provide free spay/neuter clinics to help control the animal population on Isla Mujeres.
  • To provide free or reduced cost veterinary services and vaccinations
  • To offer animal foster care and promote adoptions in Mexico, USA and Canada
  • To educate pet owners about humane animal treatment, care and responsibility
  • To do all of the above in the most humane, compassionate way possible
 Some news. Eighteen months ago we opened a second rescue site on the mainland to help with the number of animals in our care. It was run by Pamela Palmer who took care of and re-homed many of our dogs. Last month she decided to move on for personal reasons. We thank her for her work and dedication and hope her future is bright. I would like to thank Trina and Jeanette for packing up all the supplies and Adrian and Marcelino for loading and unloading them. Plus Eileen and Stacey for helping the whole crew to unload and sort everything that crossed to the island. We now have most of the dogs either in foster care or at our Mundaca Park island clinic which is a huge success - with two spay and neuter days a week plus consults, vaccinations and low cost medicines to improve the health of every animal on the island. Eileen is doing an incredible job keeping things going and of course we are lucky – lucky to have Dr. Arturo as our vet. During these summer months we continue to look for rides on West Jet, and Transat Airlines to Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver - plus most airlines that fly into Minneapolis. Isla Animals gets bigger and better every year – helping more animals, raising awareness and doing whatever we can for each dog, one at a time. Below is a picture of Mike, one of our beautiful rescues –now in a foster home in Calgary. The other picture is Hanna who went to her new home yesterday. Thank you Stacy for your donation and Sally for bringing food to us. We have lots and lots of mouths to feed right now.…/donate-animal-rescue-isla-animals.…

Drop Off Locations
Mighty Mo before
Every Tuesday and Thursday:  At the Free spay/neuter clinic  (Isla Animals)
 Consults 100p, Vaccines: parvo & distemper 50p, flea & tick meds 20p, wormer 10p. Helpers always welcome! Isla Animals, Mundaca Hacienda, 10am-4pm (No food morning of surgery/water ok)

 Marina Paraiso 

Isla Mujeres Artist Fair ( First Thursday Nov-April, 4pm-9pm,), Town Square, Isla Animals table.
Mighty Mo after
Walk dogs or help out on Tues & Thurs 10-4 Mundaca Hacienda
Help with the animals, walking dogs, socializing puppies, bathing and grooming, cleaning and repairs etc.
With office work/research/grant writing (this can even be done from home)  
During spay neuter clinics we need help with trapping, check in and paper work, recovery, organizing and cleaning, plus pick up and return of animals 

Hi all!! We (Isla Animals) are gearing up for a HUGE Spay/Neuter, Vaccination, Wellness campaign for the animals in Rancho Viejo Nov 17-22, 2015. This is a very poor area in the municipality of Isla Mujeres. Most are living without electricity and running water. The situation for the animals there is dire right now with parvo & distemper running rampant, and heavy overpopulation. We expect to treat/vaccinate/spay/neuter 1000 cats & dogs with the cost of surgery at just $10us per dog. This may be the only time any of these animals see a vet. We can treat the existing animals, vaccinate others against disease, curb the population growth, and educate pet owners on proper animal care and make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!! We have the knowledge, experience, volunteers, and heart to make it happen. We are asking for all of your help to raise funds to make the campaign a reality. (We can also accept Paypal donations via our site - just add RANCHO VIEJO in message, and cash in person on Isla Mujeres. Please, please share the link on your social media. It helps us so much. If you are not in a position to donate PLEASE do read the campaign & share, there is lots of excellent info in it about the work we do-There is always so much to do! Thank you for your time!

Wish List
   Any donations can be dropped at Marina Paraiso Hotel, Isla Mujeres(one mile south of ferry on Rueda Medina) 7 days a week or at Casa el Pio in Centro (on Hidalgo South, behind the basketball court, between restaurant Que Bravo & Casa Sirena Mon-Sat 9am-12pm) Thanks to everyone for your interest in helping!! Sally Margolis 
Non-Medical Supplies Needed:
Flea/tick medicine (Frontline) * Muzzles * Leashes * Slip-Leads * Collars * Food dishes * Zip Ties * Animal Vitamins – especially puppy vitamins or supplemental gels * Eye drops * Ear cleaner * Ear drops * Non-sterile Gauze * Anti-Fungal cream * Antibiotic creams (like Neosporin) * Anti-Bacterial gel * Leather work gloves * Hair Clippers (used to shave dogs) * Clipper blades #40 or #10 * Sharpie Markers * Tweezers * Scissors * Cotton balls * Cotton Makeup Remover Pads * Duct Tape * Tarps * Towels (used and clean) *Cages & Crates – Hard (for use during clinics & transport) or Soft (for transporting animals as carry-on on flights) * Hard puppy teething toys (Nylabone is a great brand-unflavored) * Chedraui gift cards (Chedraui is a big box store in Mexico, and there is one located mid-island across from the Baseball field. This enables Isla Animals to purchase the following: laundry detergent, bleach, dog food, chicken to freeze when we have sick dogs, mops/buckets/brooms, zip ties, sharpies, printer paper, garbage bags, pedialyte, anti-fungal cream, anti-biotic cream, hand soap, hand sanitizer, cotton balls/pads/Q-tips, work gloves, etc) * Crayons for the children's colouring books
Medical Supplies Needed:
Syringes: 1 cc, 3 cc & 5 cc * Surgical Blades: #15, #11 * Surgical Gloves: STERILE, Sizes 6.5 to 8.5 * The suture that we use has to be the best that we can get. These animals go back to the streets or into dirt, backyards where there is rarely any follow up care. If there is a problem with infection, these animals will suffer, so we are asking for the BEST SUTURE MATERIAL: 0-0 PDS absorbable, 2-O PDS absorbable, 3-O PDS absorbable → These sutures need a 1/2 curved cutting surgical suture needle. Reels of the same type of suture are also great, we can swag on our own needles * Surgical Instruments * Stethoscopes * Spay hooks: All sizes * Sterile Gauze * Sterile Drape ( also, anything made out of drape material that we can cut and sterilize) * Betadine Hand Scrub * Triple Antibiotic Eye Ointment * Needles 18-23 gauge * Chlorhexidine * Prevails Betadine scrubs #20 * IV Sets: Micro-drip and Macro-drip * IV catheters : 20 gauge, 22 gauge & 24 gauge * Antibiotics: Injectable long acting Amoxycillin * Cephalexin * Ketoconazole * Doxycycline 50- 100 ml. tabs
(You can also contact Isla Animals founder Alison Sawyer Current via email at for current "most needed" items.) Thank you!


Follow the link above to their FB page or This link to their webpage.  They need helmets for kids & collect helmets or donations, of which 100% goes toward purchasing helmets. The helmets can be dropped off at Marina Paraiso. They have collected and donated over 250 helmets and created & distributed an educational coloring book about helmet safety.


The scholarship program started in 2005 with a few high school students and 6 sponsors. We paired Isla visitors with specific students and both sides benefited from this personal connection. It has become a great cross-cultural exchange, with everyone enriched by the relationships. As high school students graduated, some really wanted to go on to study at a university, so it became necessary to form teams in order to meet the increased tuition and school expenses for these students.
      There are two levels of sponsorship, $30 or $55 month. ($5 is an admin fee and slush fund for emergencies.) High school students receive $50 a month and depending on circumstances university students receive between $150 - $250 per month - in pesos equivalent. Each month sponsors send the money to their team captain and the captain deposits it in the bank account.

     The program is limited to 15 students at any given time, with new students added in August of each year.  The program has already graduated five students from College, and will graduate five more within the next 6 months. Contact Jana Epperson if you have interest in joining a student's team.      
  In return we ask the students for two things - maintain a C+ to B- GPA and communicate with their donors via email or Facebook. When sponsors visit Isla, they often enjoy getting together with students and their families for a meal.
       The financial administrator,Mark Kessler, keeps track of the funds banked for each individual student and communicates with the team captains regarding the balance in their student’s 'account' or when the team is sending extra for any reason. Jana Epperson manages the bank account, receiving Paypal and check deposits for the program, and she helps with recruiting new sponsors, as does Jackie Conlon. Maggie Washa helps with translations and keeps track of the list of sponsors and students. She communicates with Lupe regarding grades, extra needs of students, and  adding new students.
Team Captains communicate with their team and Jana, Mark and Maggie as needed, so that no one person is loaded with responsibility for all 50 sponsors.
    Lupe Chi Tuz receives a monthly statement from Mark regarding how much to withdraw for each student. She completes the ATM withdrawal and prepares an envelope for each student to sign for and pick up. For out of town students she deposits the funds in their bank account. She is paid $50 pesos per student per month for her work.

Wish List
 Good quality used laptop for student use

Drop Off  Location 
Contact Jana Epperson at, if you have interest in joining a student's team or a laptop to donate.


  Our mission is to provide resources for children from low income families to access proper nutrition, basic human needs, educational opportunities, and leadership training in the four "Key" areas of life: Spiritual, Educational, Emotional, and Physical. Keys 4 Life has rebuilt one home in colonia Guadalupana, improved others with cement floors, and provided care packages.

 ~ Document by wentcoastal of MaraVilla Caribe B&B and In Isla Mujeres Daily News ~

Little Yellow School House has been helping children and teens who are mildly to severely handicapped, with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities, since 1993. Also known as Amor a la Ninez, it  is the only learning center on Isla Mujeres for special needs children. LYSH is totally funded by donations, with no political or religious agenda. Admission for the children is free.
      Each child's therapy is individualized to cover psychological, speech, physical and gross motor skills. These customized therapies are based on several evaluations and meetings with each child's therapist and teachers to determine the child's needs. Individual and group therapy are provided to each child and their family, and psychological help is given to dysfunctional families.
      Over the last few years LYSH has grown from a one room school house, we now have four classrooms and two consulting rooms, a TV, a DVD player, a small sound system and a basic kitchen.We now have an outdoor playing area designed by a visiting Psychologist for development of the children’s gross motor skills, a multi use sports court, and a beautiful mural on the side wall. The school property is now fully fenced to keep the children safe.

 Wish List
LINK to their Wish List (w photos)
Electronic tablet
Flash drive
Digital camera
Batteries AA AAA
Photocopy paper
Printer Ink  Brother LC75 or LC71 ( Magenta, Cian, Black,Yellow)
Ipad ITunes card of Mexico
Basketball Hoop (adjustable would be best)
White paint for maintenance
Chairs for children ages 7 to 15 
Organizers with lock
Pencils, Pens, Glue Sticks, Silicone Bars, Liquid Glue, Post it Notes, Paper Clips, Stapler/Staples, Highlighters, Scotch tape, Rubber bands, Newspapers, Envelopes, and Vinilica paint colors.
Didactic hard plastic toys. playskool
Aluminum foil, Plastic wrap, Paper towels, Baggies, Dish Cloths & Towels, Handi & Baby Wipes, Napkins, Dish washing soap, liquid hand soap, bleach, Fabuloso, Trash Bags, Toilet paper, Kleenex
Artist Fair, 1st Thurs. Monthly

Drop Off
 Barlito's at Marina Paraiso Or at the LYSH table of the Artist Fair on the Town Square, held the first Thursday, Nov-April .
 Or contact Angelica Arguelles (Angie)
      If you would like to get involved with the Little Yellow School House by hosting an event for the school, joining our Internship program or even donating a morning of your vacation time to helping us with school maintenance, please contact Angelica Arguelles (Angie) at Link to page about Visiting the School.
Link to video
      If you are experienced in any of the following and can speak Spanish, please contact Angie about our Internship Program:  Special Education, Speech Therapy, Child Psychology, Family Psychology, or Music Therapy.

The Island Time Fishing Tournament, Feb 15-21, 2016  The ITFT Fb page is HERE.    

Island Time Fishing Tournament

A Breast Cancer Charity. I think they assist with prosthesis, transportation to medical visits, and other needs for women with breast cancer. They have activities and events to raise awareness and to promote self breast exams and mammograms, especially during October. 
Pink hat breakfasts & Disco nights. In October they had a March Against Breast Cancer.


   The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund has been set up to honor Ron’s memory and his commitment to the island of Isla Mujeres and its people. On his behalf we want to assist, with financial help, in educating promising, dedicated students to further their education enabling them the opportunity to improve their life style. We feel this opportunity will not only benefit the students but also their families and in turn, the whole community.
     Prospective recipients of the scholarship fund must be interviewed by our committee and present their grade average. Parents are asked to attend with the idea of encouraging family support. In the interview they are asked about their aspirations and outline the course of study they wish to take and the expenses that will be incurred. Since there are no facilities for higher education on Isla Mujeres, the universities and colleges the students will attend require housing and transportation costs as well as tuition, books etc. Students are asked to help with financing whenever possible either with part time jobs or help from family. Each student is asked to submit an essay with details of their lives and dreams of the future. The students are also asked to volunteer in the community in some capacity throughout the course of their studies. Once the student has been accepted into the program they are asked to submit a copy of their transcripts for each semester. To date the fund has assisted seven Isla Mujeres students with completing their education..

   The annual Reeling for Ronnie fishing tournament is sponsored by the West Island Fishing Club in British Columbia, Canada. The most recent one was July, 2015. Visit their website for more info & for information about donating by buying raffle tickets for this event.


This is an association of residents, visitors, and part time residents who organize to raise funds for the local medical community, to improve the health and medical services. The idea was born after a visitor had difficulty finding an available wheelchair, following an injury. They have supplied wheel chairs, walkers, canes, and other medical equipment to the Hospital, the Red Cross, the Seniors Center, and the Tourism office

 ~ Document by wentcoastal of MaraVilla Caribe B&B and In Isla Mujeres Daily News  


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