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Photo by Tony Garcia

did you know? By Ronda Winn-Roberts


Did you know.....

Isla Mujeres once had a little train downtown?

It went down Rueda Madina to Lopez Mateos and from there it went on Carlos Lazo to the hotel Zazil Ha.
 "El trenecito transitaba de la rueda medina hacia la lopez mateos y de ahi a la carlos lazo hacia el hotel Zazil Hรก." Marceli Sauri  (Source. Multiple people remember it on this FB thread.)

Did you know...

Isla Mujeres had a hanger in the mid 70's?

 Temo Zurita (moderator of Recuerdos de Isla Mujeres) explained that it was built by the Navy for Coast Guard planes called "Albatros", but was never really accepted by the population because they were poorly informed about their use. Due to the bad oxidation and weather, the fleet was  relocated after some years. Commentators note that one plane was left on the island to be dismantled & and they remember playing in it. Some comment about people disliking the noise when they took off and landed. Others write about being fascinated by the planes. People recall a plane going into the bay, and one says there was an engine fire when a plane was in flight, that was put out by fire extinguishers. Luceli Pastrana says her dad is alive because of one of the Albatros airplanes. He was found at the school where he worked, having fallen, and one transported to Merida. She writes, "If it hadn't been for those planes, we would have lost him in the mid 70's" (Source, Recuerdos de Isla Mujeres Sept. 2011)
Posted by Luis Sanchez Trinchan. This is not one of the Albatros planes, but it shows the hangar.
Posted by Carlos Avila
Posted by Cuauhtemoc Zurita Landero


Did you know...


Isla mujeres had a park with a little ferris wheel and cement animals (a hippo, giraffe, & gorilla)?

Posted by Luis Sanchez Trinchon

Did you know....
Nautibeach looked like this when it was brand new?

Both photos by Crystal Pogue Cappellaro The "Nautibus" is at the pier

 And the Northwest corner of Playa Norte looked like this in the mid 70's.....
 (The intersection of Playa Norte and the Posada beach, once called Sergio's Playa Sol)

1976 or 77. By Willie Gibson

Did you know....

   Isla Mujeres had "hammock hotels" & a movie was shot here in the early 80's?

This photo is from the movie "Against All Odds" LINK to trailer below

 Did you know...

     Hidalgo once looked like this? (the pedestrian street)

Posted by Carlos Gasca (Link)
The end of Hidalgo. On the right is Hotel Xul Ha and the fencing was for the Magico Modelo circus. Posted by Temo Zurita (Link)

...And Juarez looked like this (the one way street between main street and Hidalgo)

Posted by Daniel C Martinez

....And Rueda Medina looked like this in 1980 (Main Street)

Posted by Temo Zurita


Did you know...

 that Bad Bones, then Yaya's were on the corner, before JAX?

1990. By Jane Hudella.
1995 Jane Solberg Hudella

From Mundaca Realty, asking price $3.5 million

 Did you know.....
    This was El Domo & used for social events?

This appears to have been shot from Zazil Ha (El Presidente/Avalon/Mia Reef). Media Luna beach is in the background. Posted by CMJ Lefevere.

Probably shot from the bridge (of Zazil Ha/Presidente/Avalon/Mia Reef) Posted by Temo Zurita
Recent photo of the Lima family's Casa de las Piedras. By Ronda Winn-Roberts

 Did you know....

  that Isla Mujeres had a movie theater in the 50's?

La Blanquita. Posted by Temo Zurita


  1. A train, a ferris wheel and a hanger! So much history. Thanks for sharing!

  2. They came from Recuerdos de Isla Mujeres on FB...a great group page started by Temo Zurita.