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Little Matadors & Little Bulls: A Really Big Show! By Becky ("Life's a Beach") & Lynda ("Notes From Paradise")

A Really Big Show! 

By Becky from Life's a Beach Blog  

 We didn't stay for the entire show because frankly, we had to pee!  But we did out last, out survive  all our friends!

A weird time was had by all!


Bulls - one, Little People - zero! 

By Lynda Lock from Notes From Paradise blog

Waiting for the parade to start
The much advertised bullfight featuring little people and young bulls was apparently a fun filled event.  It was held at the temporary arena, recently installed on the Caribbean side of the island, just past Villa la Bella.  I was too chicken to attend, in case the bulls got the worst of the event.  However, judging by Life With Beck's video - it was hilarious.  Some of the matadors were dressed in devil's costumes, others were dressed in ballerina tutus, and still others wore padded horse costumes covering up their vital parts.  The young bulls were teased into butting the matador over.  It looks as if the bulls were the victors in this fight.  

The Matador, Osvaldo Hernandez, is a member of Los Enanitos Toreros.  They are a group of comedians from the Yucatan that travel to various cities and locations to demonstrate their skills.  (Photo credit Mirror News UK)
In the week leading up to the bull fight numerous posters appeared on the island advertising the event to start at 3:30 p.m.  We had a great giggle over that bit of information as we watched the group of horsemen, and horsewomen assembling behind the Naval base around 3:30 in the afternoon for the parade to the arena.  Eventually the dignitaries arrived, and the group did a hoof-clattering circuit of the 'Centro' and then paraded past our house around sunset, approximately two hours later than advertised.  But, it's the norm.  Everyone is so accustomed to events starting late, it becomes a self-perpetuating situation.  The participants don't arrive on time, because, well the event will not start on time.  And the event will not start on time, because, ah yes, the participants are late.
Anyone seen Clint Eastwood pass by??
As the group of riders paraded past our house, we could almost imagine them riding the dusty, cactus-strewn plains in central Mexico.  The traditional clothing, and the accompanying bull fight music featuring brass horns created an atmosphere reminiscent of an old high-plains cowboy movie. 
Hugo Sanchez Presidente (Mayor) of Isla Mujeres, and Julian Rincalde Presidente of the Benito Juarez district on the mainland, led the parade.  Senor Rincalde was riding the handsome black stallion shown in my photos.  The horse was decked out in a hand tooled silver and black saddle that could have been an antique Charro saddle, but judging by the size of the stallion, it might have been custom made just for him. 
He was a handsome brute!  (The horse, I mean!) 
Damn, I'm handsome!

When taking photos of the group I carefully made sure I was well outside the range limit of any hind leg.  I saw a number of hooves flash out in annoyance as the horses waited for the parade to begin.  Having once been kicked in the shin by a horse when I got too close, I have the utmost respect for the pain that a well placed hoof can cause.  I still have a slight dint in my left shin bone, dating back to 1969.

Next time this group comes to the island - we'll be in the grandstands, not too early though as they probably won't start until sundown no matter what the posters say.
President Rincalde background, and Presidente Sanchez in middle

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